Shoot at the One Hotel in Miami Beach

Photo Makeover for a New Beginning

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I had a client come to me recently because after ten years his wife left him and was trying to get back into the dating world. After the heartbreaking split he got on some dating apps and only had luck attracting a catfish. Unfortunately for many people these kinds of experiences tend to be so off-putting that they immediately give up. But as a successful entrepreneur, my client is solution-oriented and knows his worth. He wasn’t about to let some random women judge him on a few haphazard photos.

As with many people that have been in a relationship for many years, he found he didn’t have many photos of just himself. Also, he didn’t consider himself to be very photogenic. He was using photos of his ex cropped out, including one of his wedding. “Is that bad?” he joked when he showed me the photos. “It can be a lot better” I reassured him.


Tense ‘unphotogenic’ face

Wedding photo used for tinder.

Wedding photo used for tinder.


He knew he had to distinguish himself from the rest, so we planned a shoot to properly show his personality and lifestyle. We started at the One hotel in Miami Beach. I positioned him in natural light to flatter his features and started shooting. I took at a look at the first few photos and told him “you’re photogenic!” He didn’t believe me, but was surprised when I showed him what was in my camera. I positioned him again in a different spot and the photos just got better and better. Turns out, he was really easy to shoot.

The belief that he’s not photogenic probably came from experiencing a sequence of a few bad photos, which in turn can easily become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. My guess is based on the fact that his face looks tense in his ‘before’ photos, a reaction that comes to many when a camera is pointed at them.


Shoot at the One Hotel in Miami Beach

Wynwood shoot

Wynwood shoot

For the second half of our shoot we headed over to Wynwood for a more casual look. In the end we got some attractive photos of my client looking relaxed and confident, a much more accurate representation of him than his old photos. My client was also happy to learn that he is not unphotogenic, and even learned a few tips for that to do the next time he’s in front of a camera.

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On November 2, 2017

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