Reading OkCupid Messages; Two Fails, One Win. (Kind of).

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In this video I read three OkCupid messages; two fails, one win.

24 y/o in Mexico City writes:

I really sorry if I’m bothering you.
I know that im younger than you and that maybe you are not interested on my self..
I only want to tell you that i found your profile and i really think that you’re a gorgeous woman ❤
I can’t stop to see your pictures
I really want to talk with you

What’s wrong with this message?

  • By apologizing and making himself look inferior, he begs to be rejected.
  • It’s all about him.
  • Doesn’t reference my profile.
  • No questions, call to action, or incentive to respond.

Aw, he cute doh.

25 y/o in Miami writes:

Hi, I’m Nelson. Married with a couple of kids. Looking for some side-action. Just kidding. Retired sarcasm professor, master wifi-guesser. On a quest to taste and rank every craft beer possible. I just want someone to look at me the same way I look at tacos. Willing to lie to your friends about how we met. 

What’s wrong with this message?

  • Used too many phrases off the internet.
  • Looks like a generic copy-and paste message.
  • The lack of originality combined with impersonal nature makes it look like he’s playing a crappy numbers game. Total turn off!

43 y/o in the U.K. writes:

Dear Mary Jane Berning,

referring to points you made in your eloquently written profile, I’m in no hurry to grow old either, but growing old with a companion would be nicer than without.

Having managed to avoid calls to ever join FB, I’ve done the reverse experiment and found no obvious signs of “normal human being” within me – the more advanced scanners are being brought in from a Star Trek studio to try again. What we do have in common is never owning a TV.

Lastly and by all means least, I had no idea macros were food – they mean something else in C programs, but I have been known to enjoy eating macaroons.

What’s right with this message?

  • Referenced my profile so much that you’d have to read it to understand what he’s talking about.
  • Witty and well-written.
  • Encourages discussion by relating to different topics in my profile.

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On May 21, 2017

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  1. Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.

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