Why Photos are Your Most Important Asset in Today’s Dating Game

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It’s not just about attractiveness. Obviously we look for it when we swipe through photos, but what we often end up judging is what we assume about a person based on his or her presentation.

Dating Online and Online Picture: What Are the Benefits

An image can tell a story. It can convey emotion and it can have a point. A single image can create a sustained imprint in someone’s mind ­­and yet, you’ll easily find plenty of profiles with cropped, blurry images used for thumbnails and cover photos. Just as easily as you stumble on these profiles, you forget them. An opportunity forever gone.

Aesthetics Matter…

Give your potential matches an image they can feast on with their eyes; once you sustain their attention, you can direct their curiosity to your other photos.

Show More, Tell Less…

Use photos to describe yourself, they’re more credible and efficient than text. If you love coffee and chess, say it with an image. Associate yourself with things you like,the visual cues will a strike a chord in others with similar interests.

Along the same vein, images can be more honest in what people unintentionally reveal about themselves. Take bathroom and car selfies, for example. They may come off as narcissistic to many, but the offense is much worse than that; they are utterly and tragically boring.

Keep in mind the men or women looking at your photo that are trying to imagine what it’s like to go out with you on a date. If all they have to go by are a photo of a person near a toilet or sitting in traffic wearing a seatbelt, they will likely assume you’re a total bore and not bother with what’s sure to be meaningless back­ and­ forth messaging drivel.

You have no excuse not to go outside and keep it interesting.

How you curate your photos reveals levels of thoughtfulness and sense of judgement. While one car or bathroom selfie can be forgivable, two or more in a row is indefensible, especially if only one angle or aspect of physicality is presented.

Rest assured that this unfortunate strategy of only showing what you believe to be the good side of your face or body does not serve you well in hiding flaws. Rather, it arouses suspicion, and in very obvious cases, exposes insecurities. It inadvertently puts on display your ‘soul­toupee’, if you will.

You don’t have to be a masterful photo essayist to have a successful dating profile(though if you are, you’re certainly ahead in the game) but you should make an effort to paint a picture and tell a story of where you currently are in your life.

Take Inventory…

What do you do for a living?
Is it interesting?
What’s your passion?
What kinds of things do you enjoy?
What are your strengths?
What fascinates you, and what do you value?

Take pride in documenting your life, and get creative. The effort will pay off. If you find yourself having fun with it, you’re doing it right


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