• Jeff's 'after' photo for Tinder
  • Jeff's After Photo
  • A night shot of Jeff adds versatility to his set of photos.
  • Jeff's before photo
  • Jeff's before photo

He Wasn’t Doing So Well On Tinder, Until The New Photos

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You work hard to get what you want and stay ahead.  You stay fit, work steadily towards your goals, and you know how to charm others.  But when it comes to Tinder, your greatness can easily go unnoticed.

Take Jeff – an interesting, smart and funny guy. As a medical student finishing up his residency he doesn’t have a lot of time to go out in the real world and meet women. So he was using Tinder, with no success.  


For months he went completely unnoticed by women and had no love life. Why? Because his photos were shit.

So we fixed them.

Jeff and I met in North Beach close to sundown so we could get photos with varying amounts of natural lighting. The idea was to capture Jeff in situations he’d naturally be in – like at the beach or walking on the sidewalk.  As Jeff impressed me with his intelligence, it only took him about 20 minutes to get comfortable and forget the camera. After a while it was as if we were just hanging out and I was catching snaps in between.   

Jeff's After Photo

The result of our mock date were images that look like they could’ve come from Jeff’s photographer friends’ camera. As a bonus, the varying amounts of natural lighting made the photos look like they probably weren’t all taken on the same day.  

And how did women respond?

“The new pictures allow me to be more selective. I actually read profiles instead of swiping right for everyone. I swipe left a lot and I still get more matches than before. The girls that I have met are girls that I’ve actually been interested in, instead of just being the only girls I matched with.”

A night shot of Jeff adds versatility to his set of photos.

A night shot of Jeff adds versatility to his set of photos.

And he got invited to a sleepover.  Well played Jeff, well played.  


RightSwipePics.com does lifestyle photography for dating profiles and social media. Tested and shown to *more than double* matches on Tinder and vastly improve response rates. RightSwipePics.com currently serves South Florida, NYC, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Francisco. To book your photo session or for more information, visit www.rightswipepics.com

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On July 14, 2016

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