One of my Favorite Photo Transformations

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One of my favorite online dating photo transformations is of my first client.  He went from what I personally consider to be a left-swipe to one of the hottest guys I know on Tinder.  When he asked me what I thought of his profile photo I said, “Really?  You’re flicking me off in your thumbnail.  That’s kinda rude.”   It was unfortunate because this guy is actually anything but.  He’s a funny guy with an irreverent sense of humor, but totally sweet and charming.



When he showed up to the shoot my jaw dropped as I thought of all the women that had ever left-swiped this cutie.  We did some indoor shots and some outdoors, with some outfit changes.   I converted some photos to black-and-white to give some of the images a different feel.

The results?  I found myself using the words ‘handsome’, ‘charming’, ‘sexy’ and ‘devastating’ to describe his new photos.

But that’s just my opinion.  I tested out the photos with a Tinder account and his matches tripled.

I asked my client to see if my results matched his, and he replied in a text; “The psychological reward of this whole thing is ridiculous.  Sometimes you swipe 20 in a row and no matches.  Sometimes a day goes by and the whole thing has been silent.  But just now I just swiped like 5 in 10.”

And he deserves it.  I mean, look at him.



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On March 26, 2015

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